Parking Garage Carports

Why is Metal Construction Materials, Inc. (MCM) the company customers across the country turn to when they need commercial garage carports? Our experience, superior engineering, unbeatable product quality, and competitive prices have helped make MCM the go-to source for garage carports.

MCM has been serving customers nationwide since 1975. During that time, we’ve designed, installed, maintained, and repaired countless carports across the country for all types of commercial properties, including office buildings, apartment complexes, and retail centers. We have a proven track record of exceeding customer expectations.

Of course, the MCM name is also synonymous with engineering excellence. Our engineers are constantly finding new ways to make our carports more durable, easier to install, easier to maintain, and more visually appealing.

We also only use top-quality materials in our garage carports, ensuring you get the very best product on the market. By using the finest metal materials, you get a carport that’s truly built to withstand the elements, giving you a maximum return on your investment.

And speaking of return on your investment, MCM is proud to offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. We’re confident that no other company offers a product that matches the quality of our garage carports at this price point.

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Why Choose Us


Top Quality Materials

Choose a carport built from top quality materials; every carport we manufacture is built from top-grade materials, enhancing the durability, performance, and value of your covered parking structure.


Enjoy Lower Cost of Maintenance

Because our garage carports are manufactured from the finest materials and using sound engineering principals, they require less maintenance, making them an even better value.


Increased Value of Your Property

A garage carport is a smart investment in your commercial property. Apartments and office buildings with carports have increased value. Multi-family dwellings can profit by charging higher rental rates as covered parking is an attractive feature that renters love.

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Metal Construction Materials, (MCM) was formed in 1975. With our superior engineering and economic design, MCM's carports were immediately accepted by the commercial, architectural, and construction communities. As we have grown, or product line has expanded to include trash and linen chutes, and compactors, We would be happy to price any of these items for your next project. Read More