Why Build Carports Instead of Garages?

You own a commercial property and you are looking for parking solutions. You need to make sure cars are protected from the elements and you aren’t sure where to turn. On one hand, you’ve heard about companies like MCM that come in and build carports for commercial properties, but you’re also thinking maybe garages are a good option. Which should you choose?

Well, here at MCM, we have built are entire business son the idea that carports are your very best option. Here are just a few reasons we think you should consider carports over garages:

  • Garages cost more. It goes without saying. There are more materials and more labor involved with building them.
  • Garages require more upkeep. You have to paint them inside and out, worry about how tenants are treating them, and make sure the shingles stay in good shape.
  • Garages take up more space. Especially when space is limited, carports present the best option.

And there you have it. Choose carports for your commercial property!