Who Might Use a Laundry or Trash Chute?

Trash and laundry chutes are a great idea for many different businesses. Here are a few in particular who can benefit:

  • Hospitals—Think of all the laundry created in a hospital. First of all you have the sheets, pillow cases, and covers that need to be changed and washed daily. Then you have the hospital gowns. Many hospitals also have the blankets that they keep warm and give out to both patients and visitors. Imagine how much easier the process of cleaning would be if the hospital had laundry chutes strategically placed throughout?
  • Apartment buildings—Want to save on trash service? Want to end the days of trash bags sitting outside of tenant’s rooms? Trust us when we say they would much rather walk out into the hall and toss their bags down the trash chute.
  • Nursing homes—Nursing homes create a huge volume of both trash and laundry. Now, we realize not all of them are multi-story, but the ones more than a couple floors high would benefit greatly from trash chutes.

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