Laundry Chute Benefits

Tired of the laundry mess in your building? A laundry chute system can streamline things and make your problems disappear. Here are a couple benefits you could enjoy.

1. Sanitation—If your facility provides laundry service and is more than one story, a laundry chute system is the perfect idea for you because it helps you maintain sanitary conditions. Rather than keeping dirty laundry lying around, which is not healthy, and letting people go room to room to pick it up and carry it around, you could have a chute system in place and the laundry can go inside along with all the germs.

—All parties involved will love the convenience of the chute system. If residents are using it, they simply take their laundry and drop it in. No need to lug it down the stairs. And if employees are using it, well you’ve just upped the worker morale!

“Our laundry systems just make sense,” MCM owner, David Hatcher explains. “Experience the benefits firsthand.”

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Considering Laundry Chutes?

Laundry chutes can add significant convenience and functionality, making life much easier in your building. There are a huge number of commercial applications where laundry chutes can be extremely helpful, including hotel and restaurant businesses as well as hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. Laundry chutes are also a useful add-on in multi-family housing complexes or any other environment where laundry is generated on a top floor and a laundry room is below.

”And don’t forget that laundry chutes keep things more hygienic in your building,” David Hatcher, MCM President says. “By sending all dirty laundry to a centralized location, germs and odors stay contained.”

If you are thinking about adding a laundry chute to your building, Metal Construction Materials Inc. can provide you with just what you are looking for. MCM has manufactured and installed laundry chutes since 1975 and you can rest assured that you will be getting a durable, long-lasting, safe and high quality laundry chute when you place your trust in MCM.

Centralize Your Laundry Needs

While we are primarily known for our metal canopies, MCM also designs and installs laundry / linen chute systems. “These systems are ideal for hotels, hospitals…basically anywhere that handles the cleaning of large amounts of linens,” David B. Hatcher II, company President, says.

Save Time and Money with a Laundry Chute System

The primary benefit of having a Laundry Chute System installed in your building is that it saves time. “And as we all know, time saved means money saved,” David B. Hatcher II explains. Consider this, without a chute system, you must have a series of employees walking around the building, picking up dirty linens, and wheeling them to a centralized location. But when you have a chute system in place, linens can be dropped in and automatically returned to that centralized location.

The result is less time spent by employee, which either means you can cut hours and save money, or use those employees to concentrate on other tasks. It makes monetary sense.

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Laundry and Trash Chutes For Your Building

Being a landlord or managing and operating a commercial property brings with it lots of responsibilities to make choices about building improvements. Fortunately, there’s one improvement that’s an easy choice- adding a laundry and trash chute. Not only will tenants thank you for making their lives much more convenient with the addition of a laundry and trash chute, but your housekeeping and maintenance staff will also be eternally grateful as well.

Trash chutes provide a great convenience in any multi-floor building, whether it’s an office building, a retail building or an apartment or condo building. When tenants don’t have to walk downstairs with their trash, there’s a far greater chance of trash getting to the dump where it belongs in a timely manner, rather than being left around the building or left to linger and bring with it potential vermin problems.

Likewise, laundry chutes are a great addition to hotels and to a variety of other commercial and residential buildings where the laundry is on the first floor. No more lugging laundry downstairs means that the task of performing laundry becomes much simpler and laundry can get done more frequently and in less time.

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Who Might Use a Laundry or Trash Chute?

Trash and laundry chutes are a great idea for many different businesses. Here are a few in particular who can benefit:

  • Hospitals—Think of all the laundry created in a hospital. First of all you have the sheets, pillow cases, and covers that need to be changed and washed daily. Then you have the hospital gowns. Many hospitals also have the blankets that they keep warm and give out to both patients and visitors. Imagine how much easier the process of cleaning would be if the hospital had laundry chutes strategically placed throughout?
  • Apartment buildings—Want to save on trash service? Want to end the days of trash bags sitting outside of tenant’s rooms? Trust us when we say they would much rather walk out into the hall and toss their bags down the trash chute.
  • Nursing homes—Nursing homes create a huge volume of both trash and laundry. Now, we realize not all of them are multi-story, but the ones more than a couple floors high would benefit greatly from trash chutes.

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