Why Outfit Your Carports with Solar Panels?

If you are currently looking for a company to build a commercial carport for your building, look no further. At Metal Construction Materials, we specialize in designing and building commercial metal carports and structures. One carport choice that we have available to all of our customers is the option of outfitting the top of your carport with solar panels. Doing this enables you to create energy, save money, and provide covered parking spaces that guard cars from bad weather. If you need a carport for your building, you should definitely look into all of the advantages of using solar panels on the roof.

Some advantages of solar carports:

  • Save tons of money on energy costs and bills
  • Utilize otherwise unused space
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Creates energy and provides automobiles protection from rain and sun at the same time!

A note from David Hatcher, owner and CEO of MCM.

You know installing a custom carport is right for your business. Why not go the next step and take advantage of all that unused space on the roof? Let us install solar panels and make your carports pay for themselves!

To learn more information and see pictures of our solar carports, click here.

Covered Parking to Reward Outstanding Performance

Maybe you already know the benefits if adding covered parking to your office building, but you are not sure how to afford it. After all, if you provide it for one person, you have to provide it for all, right. Well, not exactly.

Covered Parking Can Be a Reward

Consider this: what if you could provide just enough covered parking to set up an added incentive for your employees? What if you could assign covered spots for high performers of the quarter?

“Imagine your employees working their tails off to try and be one of the select few to earn one of the coveted covered spots,” company owner, David Hatcher, said. “Now that’s a motivator!”

That’s right–a new carport could provide your new employee incentive program. You can skip the cost of providing covered parking for everyone, but still real the same employee satisfaction while boosting performance. Contact us now at MCM and we will help you plan it out!

Get a Free Bid on a New Set of Carports For Your Complex

If you are an apartment complex owner or manager or if you own a commercial or an industrial complex, then you know it pays to have parking. After all, customers, residents or employees all appreciate having a covered place to park where they and their vehicles are protected from the elements.

You may, however, be concerned about the cost of putting in a carport or a set of carports. Although the carports can increase the value of your property and make your space more attractive to customers and renters, you still have to pay for the carport initially somehow before it begins to pay off. This means you need to know whether the carport is going to fit in your budget.

“Fortunately, MCM now makes it easier for you to get a handle on how much a carport will cost you,” David Hatcher explains.

Get a free bid on a set of new carports for your complex today so you can see if installing carports will work for you.

Carport Construction Shouldn’t Be Difficult for You

Carport construction is easier than you ever dreamed when you order a custom carport from MCM. When you order a commercial metal carport, the professionals at MCM can design, manufacture and install the carport to meet your exact specifications.  Your carport will be created just for you, using quality metal materials that make it a durable, strong and functional carport that will add value to your business.

“It’s all about customizing to meet the client’s individual needs,” David Hatcher explains. “That’s what we do best!”

Once a custom carport is designed for you, it can be delivered directly to the jobsite where the carport needs to be erected. You’ll then have the option of having MCM provide you with installation by one of their qualified employees or by a subcontractor who they have worked with that is familiar with carport construction. If you choose, you could also simply have your carport delivered and have your contractor or installer of choice install the carport on your space.

Whichever you choose, contact MCM and let them design the perfect carport for your business or property today!

Make Sure You Watch the Video on Our Homepage

When you are considering installing a commercial carport, it can be a difficult process to decide who to trust with the build and construction of that carport and it can be challenging to make the decision of how that corporate should look. If you are facing these challenges, make sure to watch the video on our homepage.

Our informative video shows you a wide variety of different types of carports that MCM has produced. These carports include both large and small structures, as well as ports for RVs. You can see how these carports look next to large buildings and small, as well as how they blend in with modern buildings and buildings of any aesthetic.

MCM has extensive experience in the design and construction of metal carports, and since the company was founded in 1975, we have helped countless businesses experience the convenience and functionality of a carport. This video shows you just some of the projects that we are proud of, and some of the types of projects that we can do for you.   Take the time to watch the video today, and you may just be inspired to take that leap into trusting MCM with your commercial metal carport or structure.