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Covered Parking to Reward Outstanding Performance

Maybe you already know the benefits if adding covered parking to your office building, but you are not sure how to afford it. After all, if you provide it for one person, you have to provide it for all, right. Well, not exactly.

Covered Parking Can Be a Reward

Consider this: what if you could provide just enough covered parking to set up an added incentive for your employees? What if you could assign covered spots for high performers of the quarter?

“Imagine your employees working their tails off to try and be one of the select few to earn one of the coveted covered spots,” company owner, David Hatcher, said. “Now that’s a motivator!”

That’s right–a new carport could provide your new employee incentive program. You can skip the cost of providing covered parking for everyone, but still real the same employee satisfaction while boosting performance. Contact us now at MCM and we will help you plan it out!

Metal Roof or Shingled Roof? You Decide

When you are adding a carport to your space, functionality is key as you want to ensure that everyone has the covered parking they need. However, you don’t have to just make your carport functional only. You can also make your carport look nice and add to the beauty and aesthetic value of your building. The same is true if you are adding a breezeway to your space.

According to David Hatcher, company owner, “MCM makes it possible to make your carport or breezeway both functional and nice looking by giving you the option to customize many aspects of your new structure.”

One thing you get to choose: how you want the roof to look. You have the option of going for a metal roof or for a shingled roof depending on which works best for you in terms of looks and maintenance.

Make Your Decision Today

So, metal roof or shingled roof? You decide. Get your quote today from MCM on your carport or breezeway with the roof of your choice.

Get a Free Bid on a New Set of Carports For Your Complex

If you are an apartment complex owner or manager or if you own a commercial or an industrial complex, then you know it pays to have parking. After all, customers, residents or employees all appreciate having a covered place to park where they and their vehicles are protected from the elements.

You may, however, be concerned about the cost of putting in a carport or a set of carports. Although the carports can increase the value of your property and make your space more attractive to customers and renters, you still have to pay for the carport initially somehow before it begins to pay off. This means you need to know whether the carport is going to fit in your budget.

“Fortunately, MCM now makes it easier for you to get a handle on how much a carport will cost you,” David Hatcher explains.

Get a free bid on a set of new carports for your complex today so you can see if installing carports will work for you.

Chute Installation for Commercial Properties

If you are a commercial property owner, chute installation may be a wise choice for you. There are several different types of chutes that can be installed, depending upon the function of the commercial property you own. For example, in hotels, hospitals and other businesses where laundry or other cloth items need to travel from upstairs to down, a laundry chute system may be a major advantage and cost savings. In other types of buildings, especially apartment buildings, a trash chute can significantly increase tenant happiness and can help to keep your apartment clean.

“It’s a wise, sanitary choice,” says David Hatcher. “And both your employees and residents will thank you!”

If you are thinking about chute installation, contact Metal Construction Materials (MCM) today. Metal Construction Materials has been in business since 1975 and has decades of experience designing and installing custom chutes that meet the needs of commercial and industrial customers. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your building with the addition of a safe, functional and durable chute. 

Easy Options for Carport Construction and Installation

If you are interested in carport construction and installation, you may be concerned that finding someone to install, build and design a carport can be a big hassle. After all, you may be fearful of needing an architect to make design drawings for the construction of a new building, and you may be concerned about the time and expense of engineering your own designs.

Fortunately, designing, constructing and installing a custom carport is easier than you may have ever imagined. Metal Construction Materials, Inc. (MCM) has extensive experience in the metal carport business. MCM will allow you to design a custom metal carport to meet your needs. They will then construct the carport for you. You’ll have your new carport delivered and have a choice of having MCM to install the carports or of using your own installers.

“We can handle the entire job for you, a one-stop-shop to make the entire experience easier.” company owner, David Hatcher comments.

Because MCM makes it so easy to install and construct a metal carport, MCM puts the possibility of owning a custom carport within the reach of almost any business. For more information, visit http://www.mcmcarport.com/ now.

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Metal Construction Materials, (MCM) was formed in 1975. With our superior engineering and economic design, MCM's carports were immediately accepted by the commercial, architectural, and construction communities. As we have grown, or product line has expanded to include trash and linen chutes, and compactors, We would be happy to price any of these items for your next project. Read More