New Property? Upgrade to Metal Carports

If you are the proud new owner of a multifamily property, it’s time to perform a few improvements to maximize your investment. One upgrade you will thanks yourself for is the installation of metal carports. Metal carports make sense for a multifamily dwelling because:

  • You can increase rent—“Tenants will pay more to protect their vehicles from the sun, rain, and hail,” company owner, David Hatcher says.
  • They make your property more attractive—When you have beautiful new metal carports installed, your property will look better. This will attract more renters, which means more money in your pocket.
  • It makes more financial sense than garages—Building garages for your tenants will end up costing you way too much money. Metal carports are far more cost effective, as less materials are needed to create them and they are completed much more quickly than garages.

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