Laundry Chute Benefits

Tired of the laundry mess in your building? A laundry chute system can streamline things and make your problems disappear. Here are a couple benefits you could enjoy.

1. Sanitation—If your facility provides laundry service and is more than one story, a laundry chute system is the perfect idea for you because it helps you maintain sanitary conditions. Rather than keeping dirty laundry lying around, which is not healthy, and letting people go room to room to pick it up and carry it around, you could have a chute system in place and the laundry can go inside along with all the germs.

—All parties involved will love the convenience of the chute system. If residents are using it, they simply take their laundry and drop it in. No need to lug it down the stairs. And if employees are using it, well you’ve just upped the worker morale!

“Our laundry systems just make sense,” MCM owner, David Hatcher explains. “Experience the benefits firsthand.”

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