Laundry and Trash Chutes For Your Building

Being a landlord or managing and operating a commercial property brings with it lots of responsibilities to make choices about building improvements. Fortunately, there’s one improvement that’s an easy choice- adding a laundry and trash chute. Not only will tenants thank you for making their lives much more convenient with the addition of a laundry and trash chute, but your housekeeping and maintenance staff will also be eternally grateful as well.

Trash chutes provide a great convenience in any multi-floor building, whether it’s an office building, a retail building or an apartment or condo building. When tenants don’t have to walk downstairs with their trash, there’s a far greater chance of trash getting to the dump where it belongs in a timely manner, rather than being left around the building or left to linger and bring with it potential vermin problems.

Likewise, laundry chutes are a great addition to hotels and to a variety of other commercial and residential buildings where the laundry is on the first floor. No more lugging laundry downstairs means that the task of performing laundry becomes much simpler and laundry can get done more frequently and in less time.

When you are ready to start reaping the benefits of a laundry chute or trash chute in your building, contact MCM today.