Covered Parking to Reward Outstanding Performance

Maybe you already know the benefits if adding covered parking to your office building, but you are not sure how to afford it. After all, if you provide it for one person, you have to provide it for all, right. Well, not exactly.

Covered Parking Can Be a Reward

Consider this: what if you could provide just enough covered parking to set up an added incentive for your employees? What if you could assign covered spots for high performers of the quarter?

“Imagine your employees working their tails off to try and be one of the select few to earn one of the coveted covered spots,” company owner, David Hatcher, said. “Now that’s a motivator!”

That’s right–a new carport could provide your new employee incentive program. You can skip the cost of providing covered parking for everyone, but still real the same employee satisfaction while boosting performance. Contact us now at MCM and we will help you plan it out!