Considering Laundry Chutes?

Laundry chutes can add significant convenience and functionality, making life much easier in your building. There are a huge number of commercial applications where laundry chutes can be extremely helpful, including hotel and restaurant businesses as well as hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. Laundry chutes are also a useful add-on in multi-family housing complexes or any other environment where laundry is generated on a top floor and a laundry room is below.

”And don’t forget that laundry chutes keep things more hygienic in your building,” David Hatcher, MCM President says. “By sending all dirty laundry to a centralized location, germs and odors stay contained.”

If you are thinking about adding a laundry chute to your building, Metal Construction Materials Inc. can provide you with just what you are looking for. MCM has manufactured and installed laundry chutes since 1975 and you can rest assured that you will be getting a durable, long-lasting, safe and high quality laundry chute when you place your trust in MCM.