Centralize Your Laundry Needs

While we are primarily known for our metal canopies, MCM also designs and installs laundry / linen chute systems. “These systems are ideal for hotels, hospitals…basically anywhere that handles the cleaning of large amounts of linens,” David B. Hatcher II, company President, says.

Save Time and Money with a Laundry Chute System

The primary benefit of having a Laundry Chute System installed in your building is that it saves time. “And as we all know, time saved means money saved,” David B. Hatcher II explains. Consider this, without a chute system, you must have a series of employees walking around the building, picking up dirty linens, and wheeling them to a centralized location. But when you have a chute system in place, linens can be dropped in and automatically returned to that centralized location.

The result is less time spent by employee, which either means you can cut hours and save money, or use those employees to concentrate on other tasks. It makes monetary sense.

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