Laundry Chute Benefits

Tired of the laundry mess in your building? A laundry chute system can streamline things and make your problems disappear. Here are a couple benefits you could enjoy.

1. Sanitation—If your facility provides laundry service and is more than one story, a laundry chute system is the perfect idea for you because it helps you maintain sanitary conditions. Rather than keeping dirty laundry lying around, which is not healthy, and letting people go room to room to pick it up and carry it around, you could have a chute system in place and the laundry can go inside along with all the germs.

—All parties involved will love the convenience of the chute system. If residents are using it, they simply take their laundry and drop it in. No need to lug it down the stairs. And if employees are using it, well you’ve just upped the worker morale!

“Our laundry systems just make sense,” MCM owner, David Hatcher explains. “Experience the benefits firsthand.”

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Carports Customized for You

So you have realized the benefits of adding carports to your property, but now you need to figure out how to go about making it happen. In your research, you have probably seen that you can buy carport kits and have them installed by a professional. It seems cost effective and you are considering.

Well, hold on just a second.

When you purchase carport kits, you are assuming that the one size fits all solution someone created will work for you. But will it really? We are going to say, probably not. Think about this:

1. Will the carport kit fit the look and feel of your property?
2. Will it fit in your space?
3. Will it meet all your needs exactly the way you want them met?

Again, probably not.

“Instead, hire us to come in and build you custom carports that will perfectly match and surpass all your needs,” owner David Hatcher says.

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Carports for Summer

Summer is around the corner, and that means temperatures are going to start climbing before you know it. If you own a multi family dwelling that means a few things should be on your radar. First, you need to make sure your HVAC systems are in good run if order. Second, you need to think about a way to help protects your tenants’ cars from the hot sun.

The Summer Sun Can Ruin Paint Jobs

How would you like for your tenants to complain about how the blistering sun is causing them to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on a new paint job, just because they don’t have anywhere with protection to park on your property?

“ Sure it’s not your fault–they knew what they were getting when they signed the lease–but don’t you want to attract more residents?” asks David Hatcher, MCM owner. “The more conveniences your provide, the more people will be interested in leasing.”

Truthfully, happy tenants mean fewer vacancies. And adding carports to your property can provide just that. So contact MCM to see what we can do for your property today!

Covered Parking to Reward Outstanding Performance

Maybe you already know the benefits if adding covered parking to your office building, but you are not sure how to afford it. After all, if you provide it for one person, you have to provide it for all, right. Well, not exactly.

Covered Parking Can Be a Reward

Consider this: what if you could provide just enough covered parking to set up an added incentive for your employees? What if you could assign covered spots for high performers of the quarter?

“Imagine your employees working their tails off to try and be one of the select few to earn one of the coveted covered spots,” company owner, David Hatcher, said. “Now that’s a motivator!”

That’s right–a new carport could provide your new employee incentive program. You can skip the cost of providing covered parking for everyone, but still real the same employee satisfaction while boosting performance. Contact us now at MCM and we will help you plan it out!

Metal Roof or Shingled Roof? You Decide

When you are adding a carport to your space, functionality is key as you want to ensure that everyone has the covered parking they need. However, you don’t have to just make your carport functional only. You can also make your carport look nice and add to the beauty and aesthetic value of your building. The same is true if you are adding a breezeway to your space.

According to David Hatcher, company owner, “MCM makes it possible to make your carport or breezeway both functional and nice looking by giving you the option to customize many aspects of your new structure.”

One thing you get to choose: how you want the roof to look. You have the option of going for a metal roof or for a shingled roof depending on which works best for you in terms of looks and maintenance.

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