7 Different Carport Options

When you do business with MCM, you have options…lots of them. See, we don’t have a one size fits all carport solution we try and push on everyone. Instead, we offer you a variety of choices to ensure that the final product we install for you is exactly what you want and need.

Below we highlight 7 options you will need to consider when you have a carport professionally designed and installed for your building.

1. Flat roof
2. Gabled roof
3. Post placement
4. Solar panels
5. RV size
6. Walkway
7. Types of trim

Each different option gives you a myriad of choices. For example, if you choose a gabled roof, then you can either have it covered in tin or with shingles. For post placement, you can have a single post in the middle or double posts on each end of the spaces.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in the choices? No problem. Contact us and we’ll see how we can customize a carport to fit your needs.