2 Things We’re Constantly Trying to Improve

Here at MCM, we are constantly looking for ways to improve on our craft. And why not? The better product we provide to you, the consumer, the happier you are. And a satisfied client is a client who spreads the word. It’s the best sort of marketing you can do.

So how are we improving day by day?

  1. Stronger canopies—“Our engineers are constantly searching for ways to make our canopies stronger,” David B. Hatcher II, company President, states. “A stronger metal canopy lasts longer and protects more effectively.”
  2. Better visuals—We already produce the most aesthetically pleasing canopies on the market, but why not continue to grow? Our architects are always studying, looking for new manners of design to wow our customers.

“A company that isn’t working to better itself is stagnant,” David B. Hatcher II explains.

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