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Trust MCM for all your carport & chute needs.

+ 1 800.289.7013

Trust MCM for all your carport & chute needs.

+ 1 800.289.7013

Trust MCM for all your carport & chute needs.

+ 1 800.289.7013

Covered Parking Structures
Commercial Carports and Apartment Carports

Metal Construction Materials has been manufacturing commercial carports and metal canopies for more than 35 years. Our steel carports are fabricated to fit a wide variety of covered parking solutions, including carports for apartment complexes, multi-housing carports, parking garage carports, carports for RVs, solar carports and walkway canopies. Each carport and metal canopy is built from the finest materials and offers a high return on investment for your property.

At Metal Construction Materials we not only manufacture and ship each carport and canopy to your job site, we also offer installation services by our own technicians or we will find a qualified subcontractor to meet the rigid installation requirements we stand behind. Our carports and canopies are designed to meet all local wind and load requirements, as well as building code requirements.

Metal Construction Materials is located in Houston, TX, but our project list spans most of the United States. We take pride in our timely, professional service and have the experience to handle any project. Please feel free to view our various services below and contact us for a free estimate.

Carports for Apartments

We assist apartment and multi-housing complexes design and install carports that fit their covered parking needs. Our steel carports can be designed as a flat of gabled roof and we take into account what solution will ideally work best for your tenants. Read more about our apartment carports and how they add value to your property.

Commercial Carport Solutions

Our commercial carports protect your tenants and customers vehicles from sun, rain, hail, snow and ice. The carports that we manufacture and install will fit into the architectural style of your building and will exceed building codes. Give us a call today or get a free online quote for our commercial carports.

Parking Garage Carports

A parking garage carport offers a few benefits – protection from any weather condition and a cool car vehicle to return to. Our carports have stood the test of time, standing up to wind loads and snow loads. Our engineers are always working hard to improve the structural integrity, appearance and installation process for our parking garage carports.

Trash & Linen Chute Systems

At Metal Construction Materials we also design and install laundry and trash chutes. With superior engineering these trash chutes and laundry chutes are perfect for hospitals, hotels and other commercial facilities needing an efficient solution to transporting trash or laundry.

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Metal Construction Materials, (MCM) was formed in 1975. With our superior engineering and economic design, MCM's carports were immediately accepted by the commercial, architectural, and construction communities. As we have grown, or product line has expanded to include trash and linen chutes, and compactors, We would be happy to price any of these items for your next project. Read More